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Available in Office 365 and 2019 versions of Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, the translate feature makes translating text a breeze! We will look at a few of these below.

Translate incoming Outlook Messages

If you receive a lengthy message that is not in your mother tongue, it can sometimes take longer to read, and you may miss an important point. To translate a message simply click the ellipsis to the right of the Reply and Forward buttons and click Translate Message. Voila!


To revert to the original language, click the Show Original button.


Translate Word Files

In the file that contains the text to translate click the Review tab > Language group > Translate button and either select Translate Selection to view a translation the selected text within the same file, or Translate Document which will translate the entire text in a new document.


In the window that opens on the right of the screen, choose the translation language. Then either click Translate to create a new file if translating the entire document, or click where you wish to paste translation of selected text and click Insert. You can also double-click a word in the translation pane to see individual word translations and meanings.


NOTE: You can find the Translate button in other programs, such as Excel and PowerPoint!

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