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Microsoft PowerPoint 
Divide your Presentation into
Labeled Sections

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This is a fantastic feature that allows you to divide a presentation into sections that can be formatted, moved, collapsed, expanded, printed and more in one step.


  • Create a Section:

On the Slides pane in Normal view, or in Slide Sorter view, right-click between the slides where you would like to add the section and click Add Section.

  • Rename a Section:

Right-click the section title, click Rename Section, type a new name and click OK.

  • Move a Section:

Right-click the section title and select Move Section Up or Move Section Down.

  • Collapse or Expand a Section:

Click the collapse/expand button to the left of the section name. The number of slides in a collapsed section are displayed to the right of the section name (see image below).

  • Apply a Theme to a Section:

Select the section by clicking the section name and select a theme from the Design tab > Themes group. Use slightly different themes to accent different sections in the presentation.

  • Print a Section:

Ctrl + P to open the print dialog box, click the arrow on the Print All Slides option and select the section name at the bottom of the list.

  • Delete a Section:

Right-click the section name and click Remove Section OR Remove Section & Slides OR Remove all Sections.


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Switch to Slide Sorter view and notice how the sections are displayed very clearly!


Section 2.jpg

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