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Microsoft PowerPoint 
Easily Extract all Images
from a Presentation 

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Have you ever gone through the tedious process of saving images in a presentation one-by-one in order to use them in another presentation or file?

 If so, you'll appreciate this time-saver that will extract all of your media into a folder in a matter of seconds!

Here's how:

  1. Make sure your presentation is closed.

  2. Make a copy of your presentation.

  3. In File Explorer check the 'File Name Extensions' option in the View tab  to display the .pptx extension after the file name.

  4. Right-click the file and choose the Rename option to change the .pptx extension to .zip. Click Yes when the notification that changing the file extension type may make the file unusable pops up.

  5. Right-click the file and choose the Unzip/Extract option.

  6. The unzipped folder will appear. Simply navigate to the 'ppt' folder and then the 'media' subfolder, where you will find your media files!

  7. Once the files are extracted, you can delete the zip folder

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