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Have you ever been working in PowerPoint when suddenly the proofing language changes, causing your correctly spelled words to be flagged as incorrect?

It's very frustrating! This problem is unique to PowerPoint and here is why this happens and how you can easily change the proofing language in one shot.

Why does this happen?  In PowerPoint, it is assumed that the keyboard language you select matches the language of the text you are typing. If using, for example, a French Canadian keyboard layout to have easy access to accented characters, but you are typing text in English, PowerPoint will automatically change your text language to French, flagging your English text as having errors.

Can I just set my default proofing language in the options? Yes, you can, but it will be ignored if using a keyboard layout in another language!

How can I set the proofing language on all of my slides at once?  Instead of changing the proofing language slide-by-slide, change the proofing language for all text in the presentation by following the steps below:

1.  Click the View tab > Presentation Views group > Outline View button to display all of the text on your slides on the left of the screen.

2.  In the left pane, press Ctrl + A to select all of the text on all of the slides

3.  Click the Review tab > Language group > Language button > Set Proofing Language > select the text language

Note: If you add additional slides, you may have to repeat the steps above.  

Hint:  Add the Set Proofing Language button to your Quick Access toolbar for easy access.

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