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Do you find yourself repeatedly sending the same message, with the same subject to the same recipients?

We often see people either copy and paste text they've saved in a Word file, or hunt through old emails, click Forward and then re-type the recipient names and subject.

Sound familiar? At the very least, if you have repetitive text used in a variety of emails, use Quick Parts (see our Quick Parts article here ).

But to include not only text, but also the recipients and subject, follow the steps below to make your life easier and save lots of time.

Create an Outlook Template

  1. Ctrl + N to start a new email

  2. Add the To: CC: BCC: Subject and message text

  3. Add bullets, numbers, and any other content/formatting to include

  4. Click the File tab > Save As

  5. Type a name and then select Outlook Template from the Save as type: drop-down (as shown below)

  6. Templates are stored in a default location; do NOT change the folder

  7. Click Save

Outlook Template 1.jpg

Add the Choose Form button to the Quick Access Toolbar to Quickly Choose a Template

  1. Click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar arrow and choose More Commands...

  2. Select All Commands from the Choose commands from: drop-down

  3. Scroll down to Choose Form , click the Add button and click OK

Outlook Template 2.jpg

Create a New Email Based on a Template

  1. Click the Choose Form button on the Quick Access toolbar

  2. Select User Templates in File System in the Look In: drop-down

  3. Select the template created above, make adjustments and send

Outlook Template 3.jpg

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