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Microsoft Excel
SUMIF Function

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Use SUMIF to conditionally sum a range of values, based on a single criterion

Would you like the most current sales figure for a certain product? Or perhaps the quantity on hand of an item? SUMIF makes it a snap!

In the example below, we sum the employee salaries by department.

Step 1. Set up your data correctly, preferably converting it to a table. 

countif 1.jpg

Step 2. Add the SUMIF formula to the Salaries column for the results in the table below.

Sumif 2.png


SYNTAX: =SUMIF(Range in which Criteria is found ,CriteriaSum Range if different from Range)


EXAMPLE 1: Formula example if referring to a table range (tables are preferable, as will expand/contract as add/remove data):



EXAMPLE 2: Formula example if referring to a regular data range:



Give the SUMIF function a try, and let us know if you have any questions, or would like to arrange training on this

or other Excel functions and features!

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