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Access Object Naming Conventions

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No matter which version of Access you're using, considering naming conventions for tables, queries, forms, reports, fields and controls is time well spent.

Let's say you've got two tables called Customers and Employees that both contain fields named LastName and FirstName.

When you begin to built objects that refer to the fields, which LastName and FirstName is which? You may also have a table, query, form and report all named Customers. More confusion for you - and for Access.

Below are some examples of naming conventions we use. You may decide on something a bit different, or may use two or three prefix characters, depending on how many tables you have in your database that may contain similar fields. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you use naming conventions and that they are consistent.

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Do not use symbols and spaces. They cause all kinds of problems, so avoid them completely.

I prefer Proper Case, but you can also use the underscore character. For example: tlbCustomers or tbl_customers.

There are also reserved words that you cannot use, such as Month, Date and Name. For a complete list, view Allen Browne’s exhaustive list of reserved words at Problem names and reserved words in Access.

What’s in a name? Quite a bit, when it comes to Access!

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