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"On-the-job training isn’t enough. We had no choice but to look elsewhere to increase our productivity. And we did - with DJH Training & Application Solutions.

Links, formulas, conditional formatting, etc., allowed us to make better use of our applications with more limited resources. This time, by bringing our applications to training, we were able to get ...

Deborah J. Sparks
Deborah J. Sparks
President / Head Instructor

About Us

Established by Deborah J. Sparks over 20 years ago, DJH Training & Application Solutions Inc. provides its clients with high quality computer training, support and application development services.

Each client has their own specific needs and we recognize the importance of taking the time and effort required to analyze the documents they will be working with, in addition to their level of expertise. We can then design solutions that will get things up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This translates into the development of solid ongoing business relationships between DJH and their government, private sector and individual clients.

In addition to training, over the years we recognized that many of our clients needed customized application development such as database development, complex worksheet creation, and setting up templates and on-line forms, etc., and expanded the offering of DJH to meet those needs.

DJH's team of highly qualified professionals are passionate about what they do and are dedicated to supporting the unique needs of each of their clients.

A Modern Approach Based on Solid Experience

An entrepreneur at heart, Deborah established DJH Training & Application Solutions Inc., realizing her dream of creating a company known for providing high quality computer software training and support and exercising her passion for teaching.

Deborah began her career in the 70s with Xerox Canada Inc., as Analyst, Trainer and Senior Marketing Support Specialist in their Office Systems division, where her strong analytical, sales and communication skills, along with her commitment to quality, contributed to her success in supporting her sales teams and her corporate clients.

The courses she developed for Xerox were given on a national level and, in addition to computer systems planning, training and support, she has written and taught professional development courses such as sales, time management and interviewing techniques, among other.

Deborah received numerous awards from Xerox for her consistently high performance and contributions.

She has also benefited from extensive training throughout her career with Xerox at their International Training Center in Leesburg, Virginia, in addition to formal sales training through Xerox Learning Systems and computer programming at Concordia University.

Deborah's commitment to quality assures that each and every client receives training from team members who are highly qualified and experienced professionals.